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DCRC was founded to meet important needs in research and address major and critical operation bottlenecks in the conduct of clinical trials to provide process and resourcing solutions. DCRC professionals provide their customer experience, knowledge and innovation to address these bottlenecks.

Sponsors are facing increasing difficulties in completing their research programs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Such difficulties are driven by gaps in resources and experience in the delivery chain.

The first gap is in processing initial feasibility: Research Protocols are complex, demanding, resource intensive and disruptive to daily health care providers. Sponsors and CRO’s expect Sites and Investigators to process increasing amounts of data and inquiries prior to the consideration of a site, and they expect these services to be provided free of charge.

Faced with limited resources, or uncertainty regarding the implications of the research protocols, Investigators either reject participation or agree to participate without realizing the expectations of the research project and postpone the actual decision after charging the sponsor initial start up fees.

The second gap is the availability of experienced site resources: except for established academic institutions, sites cannot afford to devote specialized staffing for research. Research projects are unique and complex and require staff with a strong understanding of regulatory, IT, budget, and quality implications of these projects.

The third gap is in budgeting. Most clinical trial budgets are unrealistic and overly detailed, overpaying for certain items, or ambiguous, hiding some other items. Sponsors and CRO’s mistakenly assume that when sites approve the budgets, they will deliver the project. Sites and doctors realize the implications of the budget assumptions soon after launch and if the grants are not realistic, they simply stop the study: a big loss for Sponsors, not only for the costs already incurred but also for the opportunity cost.

The fourth and most important gap is in patient accessibility, screening, recruiting and support. Most sites and PI’s do not have such expertise or resources.

How we can help you:

We can assist you as a regional Site Management Organization
DCRC has access to hundreds of doctors and sites in all therapeutic areas. Most of the doctors trust our evaluation to the study and its operational and budgetary assumptions.

We can be an investigative site
DCRC is a Michigan based, USA Professional Corporation. As a PC, DCRC is licensed to recruit patients and acts as an investigational site for certain therapeutic areas.

We can assist you in budget planning and billing
We have excellent experience in medical and research medical billing, understanding the regulatory environment of research billing when it comes to health insurance providers, Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance companies.

We can assist you in patient management, recruitment and support
With our call center, training center and experienced nursing staff, we can assist you in managing several aspects of the complications associated with interfacing with patients. We follow strict HIPPA compliant Processes and guidelines.

We can assist you in resourcing for your research projects
For some projects, all what you need is additional staffing support: part time or full time. We have experienced staff in all areas of clinical research and can assist you supporting your projects.