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IT Focus Approach


DCRC is determined to make the most of Information Technology to improve the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industry, with excellent planning and resources. This ensures your clinical studies yield high quality data within strict timelines and budget requirements.

At DCRC, we are proud to provide support for your clinical research needs from a basic web interface to the most sophisticated analytical tools, and we do it at very competitive prices; we also support most of the leading EDC Products available in the market. Our IT Department consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals who have extensive experience in IT products and services. Our team has been successfully involved in several EDC related projects in the USA. We ensure that all medical services meet the guidelines of good clinical practice and the latest FDA/EMEA requirements.

Our major strength is in developing computer-based tools for:

We have capabilities in implementing Clinical EDC solutions. Our team is well experienced on these tools and has work experience to achieve your EDC implementation goals within specified timeframe. We have solid Project Management capabilities to ensure that deliveries happen on time with the highest data standards.

EDC (Electronic Data Capturing):

EDC was first started in 1998, ever since it is being used by many clinical research companies.  EDC captures data electronically so it helps us get the information fast, and it offers great potential for improving the clinical development process and bringing products to market much faster when compared to the manual paper based data management.

Advantages of EDC:

What we offer:

We can provide our expertise in the following EDC implementation areas Electronic Data Capture:

Key Features:

How we work:

Capturing Clinical Data:

Clinical Data Management:

 Reporting Clinical Data: