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At DCRC, we realize that innovation is the engine of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry. We strive to use the most innovative tools and approaches.

Innovation in product development:

DCRC is actively involved in assisting our clients with the development and incubation of strong early-on candidates for therapeutic products. We partner with several leading pre-clinical companies to assist in bringing new therapies to market.

Innovation in processes:

We are process-oriented and we strive to standardize our processes to avoid repletion and streamline the conduction of projects. We are able to treat each project and each client uniquely. To do so, we implement commercial and in-house web based processes to tailor IT solutions to our clients projects needs.

Innovation in tools:

We use several six-sigma tools to support our activities and innovatively select the appropriate application that fit into specific projects. In products optimization, we use discrete computer-based choice models to optimize outcomes of the research projects and predict behaviors of patients and practitioners.

We also have the capability to utilize clinical trial simulations at affordable prices to guide researchers early on for the direction of the study.

Innovations in methodology that result in reducing projects’ time-schedule and costs:

We strive to optimize our clients’ values. We treat our clients’ concerns to cut costs and reduce development time. We realize that optimizing our clients’ value will increase our own in the long run. We partner with our clients to find the best ways to manage and complete their projects.